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Leaflet distribution could mean many things from handing out leaflets on the street to distributing leaflets to the home also known as a door drop.The most effective form of leaflet delivery is door drop leaflets to homes, also called ‘letterbox marketing’. This is because the leaflet has to be picked up from the doormat and engaged with. Leaflet dropping companies can help get your leaflets to right homes and the best part is there are no permissions needed.

At Challenger Marketing, we have teams all across South Wales and into England delivering lealfets direct to households. We have a highly skilled and trusted team of adult leaflet distributors ready to deliver results.

Delivering leaflets to areas can become extremely time consuming, but adding your leaflets to runs that are already planned and scheduled to go with our teams is a fast, effective and cheaper alternative to doing this yourself.

Delivering leaflets to homes can be a much more effective form of marketing than others if done right. Using in-depth demographic software to target particular audiences depending on your usual customer base, we can ensure a higher response rate than if you were to blanket advertise an entire area.

How we work

We target areas through Postal Sectors. These are chosen by our clients who know areas in which they would like to target. The areas can be chosen following research using our software in each particular area.

A postcode sector combines a postcode area, a postcode district and a single character indicating the location's inward code. For example 'CF5 1' is a sector which is made up of 'CF' which indicates Cardiff.

SA Postcodes CF Postcodes LD Postcodes NP Postcodes HR Postcodes BS Postcodes BA Postcodes SN Postcodes


We have a responsibility to provide evidence to substantiate that the distributions we undertake are completed thoroughly and to the required standards. We provide our evidence of distribution in the form of coloured maps indicating exactly what streets were delivered to. Further to this each staff member is required to take a GPS tracker on their distribution run with them and this is also provided to you for your own piece of mind.

Example of GPS tracking overlayed on map

Missed Properties

When distributing flyers we often come across properties that we are unable to deliver to. Reasons for missing household could include "No Junk Mail" sticker on the door, builders or works underway on house, dog in the garden or waiting visibly by the door etc.

We aim to work to 80% of the total quantity of the area andf this should be visible when you are presented with the GPS tracking. If as a result of this, there are any leaflets left over from the distribution, we can arrange to return them to the client or add them to another run going to the same area or surrounding area.

Example of No Junk Mail sticker


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