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Outbound Sales

Outsourcing sales calls to proven sales agents.

Challenger Marketing focuses on delivering the highest quality of customer care and results. We support a large range of clients in every sector, including tech, finance, insurance, retail and automotive businesses.

Boasting unparalleled experience, our contact centre operatives act as a natural extension to your business. By servicing all your customer contact requirements both inbound and/or outbound.

If your company is speaking with hundreds of decision makers a week and arranging appointments, you’re consequently going to be winning more business than your competitors who are not doing outbound calls.

Email and postal marketing are excellent ways to win business. Likewise content marketing, Social Media posts and Search Engine Optimisation. However, we found that outbound telemarketing is also proven to fill a sales rep’s diary for our clients. No other method of outbound marketing offers such predictability and immediacy.

Why outsource your telemarketing to us?
  • Effective and quality lead generation. Our call centre agents have a track record of delivering above average ROIs on outbound telemarketing campaigns.

  • Lowering your costs. We have the ability to generate outbound call volumes to deliver the necessary leads to your business. Also deal with inbound calls from customers thus reducing your management time, cost and effort.

  • It’s all about you. We’ve got a large team of talented agents. They take the time to understand your business, your strategic goals, your marketplace and the KPIs important to you. Only then they get to work.


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