BA4 4

Leaflet Distribution
BA4 4

Our leaflet distribution team offers coverage of the BA4 4 area. This area comprises predominantly of the Pilton and West Compton area and includes key roads such as Whitstone Hill, Park Hill and Top Street.

The approximate households per area are shown below. These change on a regular basis and are shown as an indicator of how many leaflets could potentially go out here.

Households: 1538

The maps shown here are the usual maps passed to our leaflet delivery team leaders to follow. They may cut parts of the maps out to make them easily readable for distribution but are primarily focused on the most heavily populated areas of each of the maps. If there is a part of the Postal Sector that is not shown on our distribution maps, please feel free to note the area you wish to target to our admin staff and a more specific map can be made.

If you need a copy of this map in order to plan your leaflet distribution campaign, download a copy here:

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